Welcome to Amadora’s Embrace

To The Damned

I watched you die Grow cold inside Curl and waste Away Too many times You tried to find And exit from Your stay You wilted and you rotted A beast with sallow flesh Pretending that you didn’t have A heart beneath your breast But as you laid A tortured shell Paltry putty on my lapContinue reading “To The Damned”

The Raven’s Song (Part Two)

A Raven drewMe into blissCondemning meWith true love’s kiss It flew intoMy desperate heartWith blackbird wisdomAnd cunning art Sharing trinketsJewel and gemEmbroidered intoStitch and hem The wicked blackbirdSang it’s songAnd danced untilI danced along This Raven drew meWith his eyesStole my breathWith blackbird lies Oh to beThis birds delightAnd catch the rayOf Raven’s sight ForContinue reading “The Raven’s Song (Part Two)”

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