Poppy Seed

Nothing is real

She floats through the halls

Time blends together

And passes through walls

A shadow on the basin

A speck on the pane

Wilting flowers bending

And beaten by the rain

She wanders down the avenue

Distracted by the sound

Of laughter, yelling, gratitude

Once lost and never found

She cannot tell the difference

Night or day – it’s all the same

She slides against the doorframe

And crumbles beneath the shame

Crying out for that little thing

Simple yet complex

No matter the number of tears that fall

She cannot reverse the hex

Lost or stolen

She doesn’t know

Ghosts in her mind

Dust doth blow

Run away run away

But nowhere to hide

Empty and hollow

Nothing left inside

Lay the blame and point the shame

It’s all the same

It’s all the same

Nothing here is real now

Just echoes in your mind

Keep on reaching keep on searching

So she’s never left behind


Originally written March 11, 2017

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