For those that read my smorgasbord of writing:

I will endeavour to post each day, and some of it will be garbage. Some of it will be brilliant. It doesn’t matter to me, honestly, how it comes out. I write for my sake and mine alone.

I don’t edit my poetry, or my short (sometimes very short) stories after the fact (with the exception being a spelling error that’s found after the initial writing). I don’t edit it because, when I write, I’m writing to expel an emotion (or a toxin) that is key to that precise moment. Going back to edit that later on would taint that emotion with thought and feeling that wasn’t present in the initial moment. And I need those moments to remain true.

This is merely my perspective on the matter. I understand and appreciate why many (if not most) people revisit their works to revise them. And of course it would be different if I was publishing a book or an article. (I would edit the sh*t out of that!) But when I’m writing simply from an emotion or an aura in the air, no. What you see in that is exactly where my head was in that precise moment. And those are important moments for me to be able to look back and reflect on as well. They are reminders of where I was and why I am who I am today.

That said… feedback is always welcome. Encouraged. If anything I write touches you, enlightens you, angers you, or makes you laugh at my stupidity, please let me know.

And I’m still learning how this WordPress thing works so bear with me when things come out in one big weird lump (a few of my past posts were copied from my journal app to this one and the formatting came out a bit off… couldn’t quite figure out how to fix that without doing a full re-type – which I did not have the time to do… Heh)

Anyways I shall stop rambling. To those that read my infinite supply of emotional unload going forward – thank you for sharing a small sliver of my world with me. I hope I can inspire, or at the very least entertain, you.

Cheers y’all.


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