Dancing with Memory

I wrote this two years ago today. My stance remains the same.

Every so often I get lost in bittersweet nostalgia… missing my friends from yesteryears… missing those moments of my youth that were filled with such elation… I long for that feeling again… to see those faces… to revisit those places… I miss so many – past and present… strange how life takes our relationships and quarters them without mercy… sends us on different paths and shakes our foundations to the very core in such a way that makes retaining certain friendships impossible…

Odd how we never see it coming. We live each moment as if it will last forever – the good and the bad… we believe, especially, that nothing can tear those special people from us. That we are invincible in our convictions, our adorations, and our various forms of life and love.

Life has a way of stealing from us like a thief in the night. Silently. Unnoticed. And by the time we see the damage it’s all too frequently too late to reverse it.

Oh yes… tonight I feel a melancholy ache in my soul.

My friends… I treasure you. Please don’t ever forget that, no matter which way the wind takes us.


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