-Monster Ballroom-

Put your foot in your mouth

There’s room for one more

Utter nonsense and drivel

As you slam the front door

Start the car

Drive away

It’s always the same

No pain no gain

Just push them away

Alone you lay

In a dirty motel

Dwelling on last nights

Passage through hell

A hell you designed

Within your own mind

Try to fight

It doesn’t matter

The devil plays kind

Turn it over and over

Can’t figure it out

Punch the wall throw a lamp

Scream cry kick and shout

(What did I do

Oh what have I done

This damage this scar

And I can blame no one)

Leave the door open and drive on back home

Only to find you’re still there alone

Grab the flask by the sink

And swim in a drink

Of decay and disaster

(You poor foolish bastard)

Time will tell I suppose

But will it tell you too late?

Save your soul with a verse

As you dump out your proverbial purse

And dance on through the hall

In your imaginary monster ball.


Originally written December 29, 2019

By Erin de Blois

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