Conversing with the past

I had a brief conversation today – midday – that threw me into the throes of yesteryear and yesterFEAR. A conversation about the need to let go of things that are harmful.

Why do we hold so fast to these things, these demons of the night, that haunt us and weigh us down? Why are we so afraid to let go of our “UNcomfort zones”?

I believe the dance with familiarity is what keeps us tied to these places, these spaces, and these faces. The fear of change, because – after all – the devil you know may just be better than the devil you don’t. (To misquote what is indeed a tired old adage.)

While we all know change is good for the soul and good for personal growth, we all (or mostly all, I would guess) fear it to some degree. Whether it’s letting go of an old trinket that reminds you of times long past, or a person who kept you bound up in the confines of seeming “normalicy”. We all have trouble letting go of something.

I’m currently struggling to release a small sliver of time that impacted my soul with such ferocity that I felt I couldn’t breathe without it. Despite knowing that holding on would destroy me.

What are you struggling to let go of? And can you step outside the boundaries of your own mind and heart to ask why? I personally believe it’s healthy to ask oneself such questions, but mayhap I’m incorrect. Maybe it is in fact better to walk away and never look in the review mirror.



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