~For dreamless nights~

Ready to lay down

Give up this shell

Walk into the mire

The murk and the hell

Drop down and below

She sings a soft song

While cautiously waltzing

And dreaming along

Sing no sad jingles

Ring no glad bells

Just remove the nettles

The needles and spells

Burn the notes and the chords

Of hearts gone today

While facing the demons

And ghosts gone astray

Lay down

Down down

This soulless whisper of dreams

Pull apart

Pull apart

This heart at the seams

Originally written January 20, 2020

By Erin de Blois


This particular piece was written in a sudden wave of sadness that washed over me due to a conversation I was having with somebody earlier in the day, and is about the dance with loneliness and romanticized notions of how very mortal we are – our souls as delicate and as intricate as a faberge egg.

How quickly we crack when pressure is applied to our weakest points. How rapidly we crumble when life and love swings its mallet at us.

Yet somehow we persevere. We push through the hard times and become stronger for it. We restitch the fabric of our being into a beautiful Frankenstein spirit, and we pass our lessons down to those more fortunate than we had been. Fortunate merely by way of knowing somebody who has walked their path before – somebody who can help them navigate. We remind others that they are not alone. That if we can get through this life, they certainly can too.

~To the struggle 🥂


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