A Dash of Repair

Lift your dreams to the air

Lift your arms in despair

Feel the crash

Scratch the rash

Of loves unusual dare


Hear the break of the bone

While you throw the first stone

Losing sight of those things

Dropping grip on those strings

You thought you had known


Oh but let love be shown

To know we aren’t alone


Stitch on a fresh patch

Whip up a fresh batch

Clean the mess side by side

While you sew up your pride

And open the floodgate latch


Always last

Way too fast


Tap your glass to tomorrow

Dwell upon all the sorrow

Wash off yesterdays tears

As you drink today’s beers

And pretend this love isn’t borrowed


Lather, rinse, repeat

Run away on your feet

While you talk in glorious circles

About all of the little miracles

That you let crash to the floor in defeat


Raise your hands to the air

Colour your dreams with despair

As you realize this is beyond repair

Originally written March 2nd & 3rd, 2020 by Erin de Blois

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