Hello my sweet

Long time no see

Did you come by to toy with me?

Your breath is ice

Against my skin

I close my eyes and dive in again

Divine this light

This futile fight

That makes us quiver with utmost delight

The facade of hope

The embrace of sorrow

So much still to do but I’ll do it tomorrow

Leave me be now

Run far far away

Heavy hearts don’t need a heart that will stray

Sell your soul

A slice for a dime

Forget the wonder that’s been swallowed with time

Nothing dwells deep here

Nothing stays long

Forgotten by a world that’s gone oh so wrong

Shine the flashlight

In the fissure of day

It doesn’t matter – nothing to see here anyway

Reach down in the pit

And pull out old bones

Shattered and fractured and cold as a stone

Go back to denial

Put yourself back on trial

And remember that not even a promise is final

Shy away now

The day’s just begun

Spiral right down and fall under the sun

Spit out the poison

Of beautiful trust

Do away with a heart that’s made of nothing but rust

Originally written December 29, 2019

By Erin de Blois

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