March 7, 2020

It’s strange the shift in paradigm that slowly makes me lose my mind whilst I discover myself all the same.

As if a thief were robbing my spirit in the wee hours of night.

~Erin de Blois


I woke last night with the above words lingering in my head, like sleepy shadows of a time long forgotten. And as wrote these words furiously, before my waking mind could let me forget, I began to ponder the way we allow others to shape us. Change us to their own whims. We let others take bits of us away with them – these souls that don’t offer themselves in return. They steal our light, our hope… They set our standards for the next encounter. Some make us stronger. Some make us jaded and afraid.

Why do we allow those that don’t care enough to truly love us as we are to steal the best parts of us? Why do we let those parts be kept hidden away under lock and key, sheltering them from the ones that should see them? Why do we let our minds and hearts be broken by those that never cared enough to put a patch on our soul?

They steal into our thoughts, and rip out our joys, replacing them with fear and sorrow.

And yet it appears to be human nature to allow this. We know better. We all do. But in the moment, we become so blinded that we mistake tears for happiness.

It’s loves conundrum. A constant push and pull of tides within ourselves.

Will it ever change? I’m honestly not sure that it should. These moments bring bittersweet poetry to our souls. Perhaps they are, in fact, a perfect part of the human experience.


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