Deciding to Be Okay

Today has been a rotten day. Start to finish. But you know what? I’m walking out of this day knowing a few things:

1) I won’t tolerate another liar in my world. Not now. Not ever.

2) being sad – for a while – is okay. But deciding NOT to be sad is empowering.

3) I’m actually not a terrible person. Despite the fact that when I get angry I get REALLY angry, I’m not a bad person. Mad as I can get I still wish the best for people. Even when the best includes them getting slapped with some reality, I am still thinking about them developing into the best them. (I’m sure at least a handful of people will not understand that – that’s okay.)

4) I LIKE me. I LIKE the weird in me and the crazy in me and the fiery b*tch in me. I like that I am empathetic and compassionate and that I don’t give up easy. I like that I fight for what I believe in and I like even better that I now fight for ME.

Today’s been rough. REALLY rough. I cried most of the day. But tonight I’ll sleep. And I’ll be okay. And tomorrow I will forge my way onto a new path that will continue building me into who I am meant to be. And dammit I’m meant to be glorious. Those that can’t see that… jog on.

Cheers y’all. 🥃🥃


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