The Wallow: Part 2

I can feel it, you know? The tides pulling me to someplace I should be. Some unknown, but somehow familiar land. The shores ready to welcome me with their bountiful displays of light and hope and dreams.

I can feel it.

But the pull is from such a great distance – or so it seems – that it feels as though the grasp is loosening. That I may, one day soon, be forever drifting, lost, in this endless sea.

I believe that all things happen with a reason and a purpose. That we are all led to certain situations and certain people, and certain glances with great design.

I also believe that most of us don’t stop to simply look.

As riddled with despair and self-pity as I can be, I always attempt to look at my world through an outside perspective. To see, if I were somebody else, what I might possibly be missing by using my eyes alone.

My poor, hard-to-see-but-too-proud-to-wear-my-glasses-most-days, eyes.

But I can feel it. I can feel something big shifting in my world. Something huge. Something life altering.

But how does one acknowledge that shift if one doesn’t know what the shift may be?

Ah yes. One of the great mysteries of life, is simply knowing there will always be the unknown.

Here’s to change. Whatever it may look like. 🥃🥃


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