Being Small

Hi. I’m Erin.

I live and breathe in a world that tries its best to crush people like me.

People with empathy. Compassion. Those that are perceived as being small and insignificant.

I’ve spent my entire life being bullied by people who think their big attitudes give them the right and privilege to walk over whomever they want to walk over as a means to get their own way.

And for a LOT of years, I submitted to that. I was fearful of angering the “powerful”.

I submitted to a false perception of fear, borne from thinking I had to be led by the people that spoke the loudest.

Guess what?

Fuck that.

I will not be somebody’s “yes man” (or woman…) just for the sake of keeping the peace.

I will not let anybody hold false power over me.

I will not let somebody’s big voice scare me into doing something I know is wrong.

I will not let anybody tell me who I need to be.

I am Erin. I am strong in morals. I have a backbone, and dammit I’ll use it. Often. I have a good moral compass. And I know how to say no.

I am Erin. And I am anything and everything BUT “small and insignificant”.


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