Life’s Little Gems

So recently I’ve started noticing something…

When you exert positive energy into the universe, positive energy comes back to you. Times A LOT.

I’m no mathamagician, so I’ll leave the statistics out of it. But… I’ve definitely seen some good come my way as of late. For all my moaning about the bad, the good is outweighing the bad plenty at the moment. I’m feeling a change in energy. Both in the energy I give and the energy I receive. For the better, I must say.

Funny because today in my Facebook feed a memory popped up from three years ago… (can I post a picture mid-article? Hmmmm I’ve never tried… let’s hope this works…)

When I posted it, I thought it to be witty, and accurate. Hell, this morning I still thought it was witty and accurate.

But through the course of the day, my perspective shifted. Why? Because I realized how skewed that perception is.

Truth be told, I’ve done my share of good and bad. I’ve hurt people, deliberately. I’ve also helped people that have hurt me, deliberately. But in recent years I began to value the helping above all else. Because I realized how very solitary it is to need help and have nobody offer it. So I try to help people without bias. I don’t always do well with that. But I think I get it right more often than I used to.

That said… lately I have noticed those efforts circling back ’round to me. Abundantly. People I have helped, are helping me. People I have never met are helping me. People that I had written off are helping me. I am getting positive energy and direction from some surprising places as of late. And I have to say – it feels fucking good!!!

I’m not the greatest person out there. I don’t deserve any more or less than anybody else. But when I had next to nothing I made a conscious effort to use what I had to extend small fragments of light to those who needed it. And I am now seeing those fragments come back to me.

It’s truly amazing.

To those who have impacted my universe in profound ways – whether you realize the impact or not – thank you. To friends, old and new, who have lent me a hand up when I needed it – thank you!

To the small slivers of hope and enlightenment that I have been offered, without anybody asking – or expecting – anything in return… THANK YOU!!!

To those that are currently struggling… I offer some advice:

  • Recognize your miracles
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help
    And most importantly, don’t BE afraid to OFFER help, even when (especially when) you don’t feel you have anything to offer.
  • You’d be amazed at how the universe cares for you when you simply care for one another.
  • That said… I typically (not often enough lately) post Three Things I’m Grateful For on my Facebook page. Today I will instead post them here:

    Three things I’m grateful for…

    1. Good people. People who listen and offer smiles, or hugs, or laughter, or simply their shoulders when our burdens become too heavy.
    2. Memories. The good ones, the bad ones, the soul-wrenching ones, and the soul-filling ones. These are a large part of what we use to learn and grow and evolve into who we need to be.
    3. Coffee. Because, well fuck. It’s COFFEE.

    My friends… help somebody find a reason to smile today. The smallest of kindnesses often have the furthest reaching impact. Go impact somebody in a positive way. And then rinse and repeat tomorrow.

    Cheers, all.


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