The Waters’ Bed

I’m so cold

I can’t see

There’s something above me…

Feels like glass

With small cracks

Like the ones down my back

Finger tips blue

No breath to be found

I guess this is what it feels like to drown

The flood came so fast

The flood came so quick

Water so dark and murky and thick

It swept me up and away

From the bed where I lay

And carried me back down

Right into my grave

(It’s okay

I like the darkness anyway)

I can’t believe it ended

I can’t believe it’s gone

Seems like Mother Nature has it wrong

Nothing stays long here

The chaos the fire…

Before sinking in mire

(Walking a fine wire

Confused for desire)

Gone with this string

Gone with the sound

Gone with the bullshit in this stupid old town

Lay me to rest

In a grave made of dust

Let my bones be collectors

Of maggots and rust

(There is no life

Where there is no trust)

Etch a somber goodbye

On the glass ceiling above

Here a crack there a crack…

Illusions sent from below

That mistook ice for love

~March 12, 2020

By Erin de Blois

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