Hall of Mirrors

I peer into a mirror

An endless wave of me

Shards of broken dreams

And fragments of who I used to be


Suddenly my soul is clutched

By the image that I see

While I find myself scrambling

As my reflection tries to break free


And I fall to my knees

Unable to believe

That all this rambling and brambling

Was never meant to be


And oh I miss that part of me.


I paused beside a mirror

A sideways glance, you see

And what I caught in the silver glint

Were pieces of my history


I smashed it to the ground

Desperately trying to flee

The painful realization

That it was never mine to see


Shards of broken mirror

Staring up at me

Your face is all among them

Reflections of who we used to be

~March 13, 2020

By Erin de Blois

~~For K. ❤️

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