The Path into Forever

How silly all we people are

To try and hold onto forever

When forever is a notion

Made up by silly men

And the path into forever

Has many forks and ends


How foolishly we clutch and grasp

At straws while we pretend

That forever is a tangible

That forever never bends


What pride we have to try and make

This notion a delight

When deep inside we all know

The term “forever” isn’t right


Forever is a fantasy

We tell ourselves at night

While as we wake we realize

It doesn’t shine as bright


No man will live forever

Nor keep it for himself

Forever is a dreamers tool

That sits on every shelf


Dust off your dreams

And make them real

And remember time will tell

Which forever you land with

And which ones you shall sell.


~Originally written March 14, 2020

By Erin de Blois

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