December 30, 2019

How do I explain

I’ve known you for a thousand years

Without ever knowing your name

Or your face

Or your shape

How do I explain

This feeling that I’ve tasted

In dreams so long before

This dejavu

Too simple to

Explain away with reason or with rhyme

How do I explain

The way my soul cried out for you

The very moment I saw your face

The way my heart lit up

With the very first hello

Before I even knew your name

How do I explain

That some things are just made to be

Like willow trees and rainbows

And babe…

things like you and me.

~Originally written December 30, 2019

By Erin de Blois


Although this is my favorite piece from my heart, it’s not my strongest bit of writing. But it was written in a moment of pure love-born elation, and although the verse is simple and somewhat silly, it is one of the pieces that captures my emotions in the moment in their purest form.

I rarely write “happy stuff”. I am far better at the melancholy. But this bit here… this was my soul speaking to another soul – one that has been increasingly detrimental in my universe. And it is one of my favorite pieces because of that.

I haven’t been posting lately – things have been strangely busy as the world seems to have ceased amid the Covid-19 crisis. I will pick this back up again soon. In the meantime, loves, stay safe. Be good to one another. And stop hoarding toilet paper FFS.



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