Apocalypse of Dreams

Note to K… this is what I was writing… I told you I’d let you read it when it was done… I never thought “done” would be this. Love you always.


Apocalypse of Dreams

Quiet now, the anarchy

Stilled voices, silent hearts

No more tongues to wag

And thrash about the dark


Hush now, the fallen

Apocalypse of hearts

Broken dreams and nightmare screams

That tore us all apart


Silent now, the tears

Loves bitter betrayal

Leaves us bruised and so abused

Shattered, fallen, frail


Stay now, emotion

Kisses left to rust

Playground games and the insane

Blow away like dust


Away now, with wars

Kaleidoscope of trust

Anarchy of all those things

We thought would never rust

~Originally written March 23, 2020

By Erin de Blois

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