One By One

She stands beside you

So afraid

Of what there is to come

She makes her mind up

One more time

To turn away and run

She sees all of the jagged things

The parts they left to rot

She thinks on all the pleasantries

They mixed into the pot

She washes off the delicate

Unfragrant scent of sin

While underneath the shower head

She knows she will give in

(And she knows they can still win)

She rushes through a doorway

Blocked off by deaths betrayal

And rushes into panicked streets

Amidst a heart set sail

And she knows

No matter which way this goes

Love always grows

Love always glows

She drives along a highway

A fearful heart inside

Afraid of all the horrid things

She’s sure that she will find

A gentle knock

A doorbell ring

A scared hello

A welcome sting

And there she stands

In tears and strands

And endless loving pleas

A soul to save

On this sweet day

With just a simple squeeze

Love me please…

They take their bags out

By the ton

And set them on the pavement

Underneath the sun

Where they agree to sit

Wade through the shit

And unpack the bags slowly

One by one by one

Oh what love has done.


March 26, 2020

By Erin de Blois

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