Missing Pieces

Fragments of a broken dream

Humbled by a humble scene

Of what never was

And what has never been

No room for tears

In this room of fears

Fighting to stay sane

Through all those insane years

(Shutting up and shutting down

Has never been so quick

Blood that clots far to fast

Blood that runs far too thick)

Dancing on the dreamers edge

Falling from a crumbled ledge

Peering at my long lost soul

Through a barren hedge

Throwing fists about an absurd notion

Drinking down a war torn potion

Stop me in my tracks and die

End this idiotic motion

(Never knowing, never growing

Words are mere deception

Leaving us to illustrate

Our own fool perception)

Missing fragments of my long lost heart

Missing pieces of a missing start

I dream the dream and scream the scream

And it becomes my art.


~by Erin de Blois

Written April 24, 2020

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