The Silver

I originally wrote this one year ago today, on May 7, 2019. Thought it was worth sharing here. ~E.


So… I’m going to write openly for a moment (cause I know y’all LOVE that!)

I’ve had a rocky year. I’ve been through heart ache that hurts deeper than I thought I could survive. I’ve walked roads I never thought I would walk. I’ve disclosed things about myself to select individuals that I’ve never breathed to another soul (and likely never will again). I’ve danced with some demons, I’ve overcome some insecurities and fallen deeper into others. I’ve been through chaos at home, at work, and everywhere in between.

And today, in this moment, I feel utterly lost.

However… as always when one goes through these sorts of “things”, I’ve also learned a lot about me. I’ve identified areas that I need to work on. I’ve reached acceptance within myself in other areas. I’ve become stronger, learned how to say “no” when it’s needed (in most instances) and fought for those things that I believe in. I’ve fallen with some absolutely fabulous splashes, but I’ve also danced around some near misses with balance and precision that I didn’t think I had.

So… once again, the trials hurt. A lot. But I’m thankful for them. Because ultimately, they’ve made me better today than I was yesterday. Despite some epically disastrous fails in the mix.

Cheers to those going through their own “stuff” (look at me avoiding the swear words today!) Remember that when things are darkest, that is your greatest opportunity for growth. Stay the course. Cry, scream and kick if you have to. But stay the course. I promise the journey will be worth it in the end.

Love all y’all. 😘

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