The Motel

This is a fragment of my experience at a shitty little run down hole in the wall motel in Surrey, BC. Originally written on May 12, 2017. Edited here only for spelling.



So the first hotel we’re staying at definitely has been an experience…

We arrived and pulled into a gated parking lot. Not like “high end” gated. More like “shady as fuck” gated.

Our hotel desk dude did NOT provide any form of paperwork, aside from a thin receipt that shows only the amount paid. (Think Dollarama receipt)

We walked up the outdoor flight of stairs to our room… past a couple of “interesting” characters.

Opened the door to our room which has literally none of what I would call “normal” hotel amenities. (No hair dryer, no iron, no coat hangers, no air conditioner, and there’s not even a bible in the desk drawer. (One of the handles is missing off the desk drawers, just to add a bit of that amazing ambiance that this hotel is simply oozing.) There used to a flat screen tv mounted on the wall… all that’s left now are the brackets. Replacing it is an old 400lb Sharp TV, taking up most of the top of the entertainment shelf, complete with missing buttons.

Our maid is a pleasant, young girl, clad in sweat pants and a back pack. When I asked her for an additional large towel (because, you know, my HAIR…) she informed me that she is not allowed to give out more than two of each towels, and only one facecloth. They are concerned about theft…

We tipped her a few bucks for bringing us clean towels (and the requested extra) and her face lit up… clearly she’s not accustomed to being tipped.

The view off the balcony is of a fenced up empty lot… the view from our room window is of a run down shack with 14 cars sitting, seemingly forgotten.

Our fridge makes the most god awful noise… we tried drowning it out with the TV but it cannot be done. There exists, in the coat closet (with no hangars) a bloody snot smear on the wall.

The bedspread on the second bed has distinctive cigarette burns in it.

This is definitely not the nicest hotel/motel I’ve ever stayed in. But all in all… I’d stay here again before I’d ever stay at Circus Circus is Vegas again. Hahaha

And you know what? Despite it all… it been fun. And so far it’s been an entertaining trip to say the least. 😉

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