Life Lessons by the Letter E

Profound things I’ve learned along the way:

1) being a parent means silencing your own self-preservation instincts in favour of preserving your children. (Pickling jars not needed)

2) darn near everybody – no matter their faith or lack thereof – calls out to God when their life is on the line.

3) you can see miracles each and every day if you stop looking for them where you WANT them to be.

4) everybody has a story. And everybody’s story deserves to be heard, valued, and cherished.

5) love happens in the weirdest places, at the strangest times, without warning.

6) ALL people have good in them. ALL.

7) Mother Nature is unforgiving, and indiscriminate. If she brushes past, without knocking you down, consider yourself fortunate for one more day, and be thankful for the next breath you take.


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