Breath of Life

Take me in my final breath

Leave my heart beneath your breast

Spilling down and all around

This cold earth deep in the ground


Lose me to this heaven song

Where I forget what went so wrong

Or how it took so very long

To teach the world how to be strong


Torn in fragments bound to sin

There’s no more time to start again

The day draws close; the hour nigh

When breathless souls begin to sigh


And they all cry


But not one of them even knows why


A spin a twist a trick of fate

That left us to our minds too late

Let’s not delay proceedings today

Let’s not charade or cheapen their stay


This old soirée of yesterday

Misery that ran astray


Lay me down and hear me gasp

From netherworlds that you can’t grasp

A dark damp place where heaven dwells

And earth runs by with angel bells


Good night goodbye and then so long

In quiet hours you hear my song

And wonder if I was wrong

To have ever stayed here so damned long


Erin de Blois

May 22, 2020

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