I saw you in a wooden casket

Toe attached to one small bell

As you were gently lowered down

Into the shiny depths of hell


I watched you as you kicked

And screamed against the wooden box

I heard you scream a thousand names

As you beat against the locks


This wasn’t what you wanted

Wasn’t what you planned

The life of sin that you took on

Spun quickly out of hand


A dire disease a lowly state

You grovel with the grime

Of today’s estate of misery

And societies of slime


Penance due – won’t your repent?

And pay the toll-man’s wage?

Of self respect and discipline

To save you from this stage


Oh but you still shout and curse the names

Of all those that you wrong

With selfish eyes and foolish pride

While you sing your sinners song


The dirt is in; you’re buried deep

In the bowels of Mother Earth

To rid the skies and sanitize

Us of your vile curse


We hear the bell ring as you twitch

In Satan’s damming grip

And from your toe the string we grab

And give one final rip


The lies fall still on silent lips

As we turn and walk away

Pretending that it won’t be us

That meets you in that grave


(We swear we will behave…)


The shame that clouds our painted skin

In colours oh so bright

Betrays the truth that we ourselves

Have never had it right


You come along to haunt and howl

And steal us from of our sleep

A dark reminder that all of us

Have a soul to reap


Erin de Blois

May 24, 2020

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