The Trash

Disappoint and burn in sin

Shake out the dust

And start again

Filthy skin and rusted dreams

My Soul will fall

Beneath your screams

Arid desert of wasted flesh

Flash and smash

In final breath

Awake and fall into the arms

Of unknown soldiers

On Satan’s farms

Twist the sword and eat the heart

Of all the dreams

That fell apart

Oh what a way to start

Tastebuds lit with melted bones

Fall to my knees

And eat cold stones

Worlds gone by in different views

Pagans sitting

In the pews

Judgement rains upon us all

The rich ensuring

The poorest fall

Diamond flash to cleanse your soul

Damn the rest

Who have no gold

Shield your eyes and turn away

From the trash

That’s in your way


Written by Erin de Blois

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