Embers of Time Gone By

Your picture cracked

And bled for me

And showed me no remorse

All the while

I died inside

Crumbled by the force

Your smile it shone

And mystified

Left me in the cold

Your words they came

On like a storm

And made me feel bold

And then you broke

A thousand times

And cried beneath my breast

Silent nights

In bright white lights

You crept into my chest

And as you shattered

On the floor

I saw a glimpse of sin

And everything that

You foretold

The hell where you had been

Underneath the blood

And moss

You used to fill the hole

I saw your beauty

Raw in form

And was blinded by your soul

And then began

A twist of fate

Nobody could predict

A desperate path

We can’t claw back

And can’t even depict

You led me from

My hellish state

And forced me to be true

While all the while

There I thought

It was me that was saving you


Written by Erin de Blois

I wrote this a while back in another life and another time. I thought perhaps I’d finally share it…

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