The Devil Repents

Exhaustion sets deep

And quick in the bones

Of a soulless meanderer

Sitting there on the stones

His dark cloak waves

And weaves in the breeze

Of a dark musty morning

As he sinks to his knees


This punishment he feels

Is too large for the crime

As he recounts the minutes

And memories on his mind

One life, then two

He slowly peeled away

Until the count was in the thousands

Now too dark to save

He’s not merely a knave

He reaches his hand

Toward the sky he betrayed

And catches a glint

Of time stolen and frayed

He once was a man

Of godliness and peace

Today just a demon

A killer for lease

No tears can form in the hollows that

pretend to be eyes

The skeleton within

Now made of nothing but lies

But still he tries

A glow showers down

From the Heaven above

Reminding him that all

He left there was love

His departure was angry

And fuelled by the haste

Of a young fledgling angel

Merely focussed on waste

How long has it been?

Father Time seems to insist

That it’s been a millennium

With a vengeful flick of the wrist

The golden gates he once guarded

Are now impenetrable to him

So he sits in his darkness

Surrounded by sin

Why did he begin?

Awash with remorse

For all that he’s done

He puts his face to the mud

And begs the Father and Son

“Please let me come home!

This wound is too deep!

Forgive my sins

And the death that I’ve reaped!”

Silence answers in the form

Of a stifling heat

Meant to melt all the ashes

Of Satan’s defeat

He stands up then

And wipes the grime from his face

With bony old hands

In a tired worn space

If he still had a heart

It would be broken inside

Among the lives and the lost

That he tossed it beside

As he turns to carry forth

A new day of death

He hears a slight whisper

Just a fragment of breath

Speak of your regret.”

He stops in his tracks

And gets back on his knees

And starts to recount every wrong

In an attempt to appease

A desperate reach and a plea

To regain connection

With the god he abandoned

Without pause for reflection

On he goes for an hour

A day and a year

And when he’s done

He stands trembling in fear

Awaiting the verdict

Of forgiveness today

It never occurred to him

That he ought to just pray

So silence abounds

And he grows bitter and cold

And storms into the sunrise

With ill will God foretold

As he leaves the space

Where Heaven and Hell collide

God’s tears pour out

For the folly of pride

The man not understanding

That he was never denied

He just needed to repent

Without lies lurking inside

As Satan re-enters

And reclaims his throne

His flesh begins to glow red

And recover his bones

Oh yes, this is home


Erin de Blois

June 19, 2020

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