Past Lessons

Thinking back I can see why my life fell in the ways that it did. Why things happened in the order the happened. Why they happened at all.

Going specifically back to failed relationships I can see value in each…

One taught me compassion.

One taught me patience

One taught me strength.

One taught me to believe in myself.

One taught me integrity.

One taught me humility.

And regardless of how each relationship ended, I am grateful for all of them. I am thankful for the lessons. I am blessed by the memories – good and bad.

These things helped lead me to where I am. And I am in a personally, internally, and emotionally good place. Healthy.

I have the tools now to create a world that works for me. To give love that is meaningful and determined. To be the person I need to be for me. And when I am who I need to be for me, I am better equipped to be the me that my love, my children, and my friends need.

Thank you, my Past, for the heartbreak, the hardships, the laughter, and the lessons. Those were invaluable times after all. 🧡


~Erin de Blois

July 25, 2020

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