Your Super Powers

I originally wrote this on July 25, 2016. Perhaps it’s more relevant now than ever.



Humor me for a moment.

In fiction, there are superheroes and super villains. They often possess similar powers; however, as a rule the superhero uses their powers for good, while the super villain uses their powers for evil. Every so often you get somebody that’s kind of neutral, but they often lean just a bit heavier to one side of that proverbial fence.

Now, picture this for a moment. Facebook, social media, technology as a whole – imagine, if you will, that they are your “superpowers”. It’s not far fetched if you take a moment to consider the qualities these things bring to the table: instant knowledge; instant presence; in some cases nearly immediate strengths; and instant world-wide communication (just to name a few). You can literally affect hundreds, even thousands, and potentially millions of lives in an instant.

So you have your superpowers, right?

How do you chose to use them? Are you the superhero or the super villain?

Think on that. And consider the way YOU are influencing this world.

~deep thoughts brought to you by the letter E.

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