Stranger In My Past

The words of hope

Shine bright and big

Reminding me

Of bitter things

A man who walked

Now lays in ash

Bearing ghosts

Of lives gone past

Never knew the words they sell

Would be sold by you

A fragment of a broken dream

A man I never knew

Your hands were cold and tired then

An angry soul of sin

Oh but the man that they all knew

Was a man reborn again

How can I tell your shadow

That my soul is deeply grieved

By all the lies and hatred

And all of the deceit

Standing here and looking on

Stained glass made of tears

You steal my voice and take my breath

Fill my dreams with fear

Little smiles crack in dirt

And laughter fills the night

But hollow echos filter down

Once I regain my sight

You gifted me with empty space

A hole beneath my breast

I’ve tried to fill a thousand ways

Since the day you left

And oh but if they knew the man

That I knew back then…

I’m glad they knew a different you

But which one was pretend?

When we meet at Satan’s gate

I’ll cry for you at last

For in life all you were

Was a stranger in my past


August 24, 2020

By Erin de Blois

~For Robert.

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