No Room For Me

Quietly breaking

Snapping in two

Bending and swaying

And caving for you

Nothing left inside

But hollow dead space

Forgotten tear dust

On a forgotten old face

You push and you pull

And you take so much more

And when I don’t have enough

You just ask for more

Does it matter that I

Am not who I was?

That my ghost is now lost

To shadows and buzz?

Tear me apart at the arms

And the legs and the bust

Leave me out in the rain

And see me molested by rust

It doesn’t much matter

I don’t much care

The girl who I was

Is now simply not there

Meander and wander

And twist pretty words

Into shallow abused and dry

Desperate curves

Off with the sadness

Off with dismay

Put on another mask

Pretend you’re okay

Shut it out lock it in

Whatever you need

While my soul is consumed

By poisonous seed

(And still nobody will see

That the greatest loss here

Is my own loss of me. )


Erin de Blois – October 10, 2020

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