The Raven’s Song

A raven stirred

Within my heart

Engaging me

With love and art


This bird took nest

Inside my home

And stayed until

I was his own



And cast a spell

And reshaped the place

I used to dwell


Brought me stones

And pretty gems

All intertwined

With flower stems


Taught me speech

And gave me flight

And kept me warm

Into the night


Into the raven’s eyes

I’m drawn

To settle in

Until the dawn


Upon my head

I wear its crown

Black bird feathers

And a feather gown


To be the queen

Of raven’s plight

To dance the blackbird’s

Souls delight


I watched it’s shadow

Upon my wall

Graceful echoes

Of each nights fall


And then I woke

To find a nest

Turned; abandoned

By bed rest


Foolish me

To sleep away

While cunning blackbirds

Fly away


But ne’er shall I

Forget the song

The raven sang

The whole night long.


~Written by Erin de Blois

January 9, 2021

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