The Raven’s Song (Part Two)

A Raven drew
Me into bliss
Condemning me
With true love’s kiss

It flew into
My desperate heart
With blackbird wisdom
And cunning art

Sharing trinkets
Jewel and gem
Embroidered into
Stitch and hem

The wicked blackbird
Sang it’s song
And danced until
I danced along

This Raven drew me
With his eyes
Stole my breath
With blackbird lies

Oh to be
This birds delight
And catch the ray
Of Raven’s sight

For Raven’s heart
Is hard to hold
As off he flies
To fields of gold

Blessed be
The Raven’s Song
Twisting visions
All night long

But ne’er a sweeter
Song you’ll sing
Than the one sung by
My Raven king.

~written by Erin de Blois
February 5, 2021

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