To The Damned

I watched you die
Grow cold inside
Curl and waste

Too many times
You tried to find
And exit from
Your stay

You wilted and you rotted
A beast with sallow flesh
Pretending that you didn’t have
A heart beneath your breast

But as you laid
A tortured shell
Paltry putty on
my lap
I saw your light
Your inner life
And prayed you would
Come back

Desperate pleas
From sullen speech
A sultry night gone wrong
But oh if they could
See you now
They’d know that you belong

To havens skies
And untold lies
And songs that
Sold the sun

And oh…
You were the one.

A sweet betrayal; A humble sigh
And all that went so wrong
Foretold the truth; the bitter fate
Of lovebirds losing song.

~written on March 12, 2021
By Erin de Blois

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