The Raven’s Song (Part Two)

A Raven drewMe into blissCondemning meWith true love’s kiss It flew intoMy desperate heartWith blackbird wisdomAnd cunning art Sharing trinketsJewel and gemEmbroidered intoStitch and hem The wicked blackbirdSang it’s songAnd danced untilI danced along This Raven drew meWith his eyesStole my breathWith blackbird lies Oh to beThis birds delightAnd catch the rayOf Raven’s sight ForContinue reading “The Raven’s Song (Part Two)”


My eyes will laugh with you. My heart will bleed for you My soul will sing for you. I’ll do it all I’ll hide away my pain I’ll smile just for you. And when it’s through it’s through. I’m smiling just for you. ~originally written July 16, 2017 by Erin de Blois

Do-It-Yourself Guide for A**holes

I wrote this three years ago about a past relationship – one that tore at my very fabric daily. Oh, I’m really-reading so very much of what I wrote then – when everything was confusing and painful and the gaslighting had become all too much for me to believe I was sane any more…. ThisContinue reading “Do-It-Yourself Guide for A**holes”

Reliving past re-evaluations

So… a few years back I was coming out of a horribly abusive relationship (post-divorce, so NOT the ex-husband) and as I was evaluating leaving that devastatingly damaging relationships, I wrote the following (on May 19, 2017). It’s interesting to re-read it and realize that, although my head was a mess, I did actually haveContinue reading “Reliving past re-evaluations”

Simple Verse

Time ticks by Imagination Consequence and condemnation Searching for some Adoration Maybe you just need vacation Another nation Fornication Pleasant little conversation Hiding from that complication Accusation Penetration Try to find Justification For all of that Retaliation Originally written January 22, 2017 By Erin de Blois ~ sometimes I just like to be silly.

Simple humanities for an anxious heart

Hi. My name is Erin. I have, and do, suffer from extreme waves of both depression and anxiety. Both of which have the ability to incapacitate me, and make me outwardly shut down, while inwardly I’m beating against the unrelenting steel bars of emotion that I am utterly trapped in. Desperately trying to escape myContinue reading “Simple humanities for an anxious heart”

A glimpse of the past…

She sits in the dark and ponders Wondering when Wondering how Planning, but not knowing what she’s planning for She spends her time wondering Feeling lost Feeling invisible Voices screaming in her head She knows what to do But can’t bring herself to do it Every moment of strength is quickly followed by her questioningContinue reading “A glimpse of the past…”

For My Lost Loves

She sits on his lapLooks into his faceHe embraces herShe’s safe in this spaceSmall hands and big eyesDark curly hairAnd yet most of the worldDoesn’t know she was ever thereShe sings with himHe lets her danceThey laugh and they playA timeless place and endless glanceThe other children sitFolded legs, on a floorCovered in cloud dustListeningContinue reading “For My Lost Loves”